Getting started on mitmproxy

Development setup

set-executionpolicy remotesigned
powershell .\dev.ps1

The dev script will create a virtualenv environment in a directory called “venv” and install all mandatory and optional dependencies into it. The primary mitmproxy components — mitmproxy and pathod — are installed as “editable”, so any changes to the source in the repository will be reflected live in the virtualenv.

The main executables for the project — mitmdump, mitmproxy, mitmweb, pathod, and pathoc — are all created within the virtualenv. After activating the virtualenv, they will be on your $PATH, and you can run them like any other command:

mitmdump --version
. venv/bin/activate
mitmdump --version
mitmweb --set block_global=false
mitmweb --set block_global=false --set ignore-hosts='^(?!example\.com)(?!mitmproxy\.org)' --set showhost=true --ssl-insecure



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